Energy Infrastructure

Strengthening our nation’s energy infrastructure will mean more jobs, a cleaner environment, more competitive manufacturing, increased government revenue, additional economic growth, and access to more affordable energy for Americans. As such, AXPC supports the commitment to enhancing our nation’s infrastructure, and related initiatives that will promote certainty and predictability in the permitting process.

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Sustainable Regulations and Regulatory Reform

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most thoroughly regulated industries in the U.S.  We recognize the importance of – and support – regulations that ensure the safety of our employees, the environment and our communities.  However, it is important that regulatory programs do not become so burdensome that their cost outweighs their benefit and ultimately deters the responsible development of affordable, reliable, domestic energy for Americans.

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Who We Are

The American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC) is a national trade association representing more than 30 of the largest independent oil and natural gas companies in the United States. AXPC works with regulators and policymakers to better educate them on our operations so that they will be able to create sound fact-based public policies that result in the safe, responsible exploration and production of America’s vast oil and natural gas resources.

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