Join Us for AXPC’s Policy Maker Field Trip!

Each year, AXPC members host a field tour for Congressional staff members at a member company’s operational field sites. In past years, we’ve made stops in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and Oklahoma. This year, we’re headed to the Marcellus Shale play in Pennsylvania. Last year’s trip was hosted by Cimarex Energy and took place in […]

Bring it Home: Producing Oil & Natural Gas in in America is Far Better Than Producing It Elsewhere

In recent years, innovation and technological advancements have dramatically increased the amount of oil and natural gas production in the United States. These booming energy advances have fueled strong economic growth across America. Thanks to plentiful natural resource production here at home, we’re seeing direct benefits in employment rates, our economy, the environment and energy […]

Safety is paramount for oil & natural gas producers

Safety is easily the most important priority for the oil and natural gas industry. AXPC members are dedicated to the health and safety of their employees and the communities where we operate.  Our companies empower their workforces to practice the highest degrees of caution and safety every minute of every day. Many of our members […]

Barite Tariffs Will Hurt American Consumers and Energy Producers

It has come to AXPC’s attention that the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is re-considering a tariff on barite imports from China. While little known outside of the energy industry, barite is vital to oil and natural gas operations. It is used as a weighting material for drilling mud and helps ensure safe drilling […]

Did you know? Oil & Natural Gas Operations Receive Extensive Federal Oversight

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. Across all levels of energy operations, regulations help ensure the wellbeing of our environment and communities, and the safety of our employees and contractors. Here at AXPC, we advocate for science-based regulations that allow our members to […]

AXPC and API Offer Potential Solutions to Modernize EPA’s Produced Water Rules

AXPC recently joined the American Petroleum Institute (API) to submit a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighting ways the agency could update its rules about how oil and natural gas companies handle produced water from their onshore operations and increase their reuse of produced water. What is produced water? When companies drill for […]

Did you know? Oil and Gas Companies are Committed to Workforce Development & Education

AXPC members are proud to employ thousands of Americans and support the development and continuous improvement their careers. Not only do our members offer high-paying,  reliable careers, they also offer a wide variety of workforce development programs, helping employees gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to advance their careers. A highly trained workforce […]

Did you know? Hydraulic Fracturing 101

The use of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has played an essential role in boosting U.S. oil and natural gas production over the past decade. Hydraulic fracturing has been used to safely extract resources for decades, but there are still misconceptions about the process and how it is completed safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. […]

Did you know? – U.S. Energy Production Employs Millions of Americans

Becoming the world’s leading producer of both oil and natural gas has brought about tremendous economic benefits for America, particularly in the form of meaningful careers. In order to produce our natural resources safely and efficiently, the oil and gas industry needs hundreds of thousands of employees with a variety of backgrounds and skillsets. According […]

Did You Know? What U.S. Oil & Gas Reserves Mean for American Energy Independence

America is fortunate to have plentiful natural resource reserves underneath it. From Alaska, to Pennsylvania, we’ve discovered large amounts of accessible oil and gas reserves. Thanks to significant advances in hydraulic fracturing and other drilling technologies, the United States is able to take advantage of this abundant supply of oil and gas resources and use […]