Did You Know? AXPC Members Care for Our Environment and Communities

Environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility are top priorities for AXPC member companies because our members employ people who live in the areas in which we operate. Therefore, we are personally interested in preserving local environments and improving the quality of life in our communities by supporting local infrastructure and education. Our companies understand they […]

Did You Know? How Oil and Natural Gas Powers Our Lives

Every time you turn on a light, take a hot shower, or drive a car, do you ever stop and think about where that energy comes from? It’s easy to take for granted the source of our electricity and fuel that make simple activities in our daily lives possible.  But from the moment we wake […]

Did You Know? Oil and Gas 101

Products derived from oil and natural gas touch nearly every aspect of your life; from the car you drive, to the power that heats your home, to the screen you are reading this blog on. As part of our new series, Did You Know?, this post provides a high level overview what oil and natural […]

AXPC Policy Priorities for 2019

AXPC’s primary purpose is to inform legislators and regulators of various technical issues that could affect our member companies in order to ensure that public policy effectively protects the public and environment, can be feasibly implemented by industry, and takes into account the unique characteristics of our members and their businesses. As we kick-off 2019, […]

AXPC Launches New Blog

Welcome! We are the American Exploration & Production Council – commonly referred to as AXPC. We represent large, U.S. independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies. Our members are industry leaders, many of which are listed in the Fortune 500 and Platt’s Top 250 Global Energy Companies. Here on this blog, we hope […]